Hair Care


  • Make sure that the bundles you received are what you ordered.
    • Please see our Return/Exchange policy if there are any errors. We strive to ensure 100% accuracy of each order. Also, if the texture is not what you had in mind, we can offer exchanges. 
    • Although the bundles are washed by the manufacturer and at our location, the hair passes through a variety of hands before it gets to you. It is always good practice to wash your bundles prior to install. Secret: Raw hair always gets better after every wash ;)
  •  Go to a reputable stylist to ensure that you look your best :)


  • Whether you are making a wig or getting a sew-in, we recommend AGAINST cutting your wefts.
    • When you cut the wefts of any hair on the market, the weft (which holds the hair together) becomes compromised. You spent too much coin on your hair to have it shedding like crazy!
  • For a full look, with a closure, you should only need 3 bundles.
  • To maintain the health and integrity of the hair under your extensions, we recommend only wearing the hair for 1 month at a time.
    • If possible, try to moisturize your scalp with an applicator bottle so that you will have healthy hair when the bundles are taken out. The hair is great quality so you can re-install it time after time again. 


  • We recommend that you Co-Wash your hair once a week in order to replenish the moisture in your hair. If you are not familiar with Co-washing, please check out YouTube for tutorials!
  • To remove buildup, be sure to wash your hair with shampoo at least twice a month. This can be done every other week. Just be sure to use conditioner after shampooing. 
  • Try to stay away from shampoos that contain sulfate, as they may strip the hair, leaving it dry and brittle. 


  • We recommend leaving the dyeing/bleaching process to a licensed professional in order to ensure the longevity of your hair.
  • If you choose the DIY route, please be sure to use 30 volume developer or less. You can repeat the process more than once to get the desired color. Lifting past 30 on the color chart during one process may damage the hair.
    • This happens with natural hair and it will happen with extensions. Can't say we didn't tell you :)

Straightening/Blow Drying

  • Similar to our real hair, it is best to refrain from adding excessive amounts of heat to your extensions. Adding too much heat can and WILL change the curl pattern over time, especially, if the heat is too high and heat damage occurs. 
  • Do not exceed 400 degrees when straightening hair. 
  • Try to straighten hair with one pass of the flat iron and a fine-tooth comb using the chase method.
  • Flexi-rods, Pincurls, and CurlFormers are all great alternatives that produce bomb curls without adding heat to the hair.
  • It is better to let hair air dry as opposed to using a blow dryer. If you must use a blow dryer, try to dry as much of the hair with a cotton T-Shirt first and use the blower on the medium setting. 


  • If you decide to remove the bundles and store them for an install in the future, please be sure to wash them and ensure that they are COMPLETELY DRY prior to storage. Our hair is built to last for years so you will be able to wear them time after time. You may use the original packaging as a beautiful and neat way to store the hair.