Raw Hair Vs. Virgin Hair





Raw Hair

-Top Quality

- The Purest Form of Hair

- Single-Donor

- Cuticles are aligned (Remy) to minimize tangling.

- Completely Unprocessed (no chemicals or steam)

-Cut straight from the donor, short/damaged pieces are removed, lice/nits are removed and treated, washed and conditioned multiple times, and wefted. 

-No uniform pattern or color

-Tends to look more frizzy (but can be managed with anti-frizz products)

- Comes in straight (which is slightly wavy), loose wave, deep wave, and curly (very loose, can be considered deep wave)


- Single-Donor

- Cuticles are aligned (Remy) to minimize tangling.

-Not chemically processed BUT it is raw that has been steam processed

- Curly textures were manufactured with steam, therefore, they will fall after numerous washes and will certainly fall with heat. It is best to refrain from adding heat to this hair if you'd like to maintain the curl pattern for longer periods of time.

-The textures are uniform, but color varies from bundle to bundle.

-Comes in body wave, water wave, kinky curly, curly, straight (bone straight), etc.