7 Tips to Create Perfectly Natural Wig

You Have Your Wig.. Now What? Do you find yourself asking, " How do I make my wig look more natural?" or " How do I customize my wig?". Well, here are 7 tips to help you make that wig look incredibly natural. 

When your wig arrives, you should CoWash it, not only to ensure that it is clean, but also to bring the hair to life after sitting in the packaging. Luckily, all hair from Allyce Virgin Hair Collection is washed prior to shipping so this step is optional for you. To prevent tangling, lightly dampen the hair and detangle it prior to CoWashing. 

*Pro Tip: Make sure you hold the roots of the hair on the lace while combing to prevent ripping the lace or causing bald spots. Comb frontals and closures slowly and patiently. It is NOT as durable as your scalp.

 Ensure a Proper Fit

Try on the wig and make sure that it fits snugly to your head without being so tight that it causes a headache. If the wig is too big you can either tighten the adjustable straps or add an elastic band. If the wig is too small, consider braiding your real hair so that it is more flat. 


*Pro Tip: Custom wigs that are created according to your head's specifications will be more accurate than a stock wig. You can customize a premium quality wig here


Frame Your Face

Nothing is worse than a "Cousin IT" look where your wig looks like a blanket of hair on either side of your face. Use a razor comb to add flattering layers to the front of your hair that frame your face. This will instantly take a wig from BLAH to GLAM!


*Pro Tip: If you are comfortable, add layers throughout the wig. People rarely have hair that is all one length. Uniformity is always a telltale sign that you are wearing a wig.

Pluck the Hairline

If you've purchased your hair from Allyce Virgin Hair Collection, then you can skip this step because all of our frontals and closures are pre-plucked. Phew! We just saved you 2hrs! However, if you have purchased hair elsewhere, you may need to pluck the hairline so that is not a straight line across the forehead which is also a telltale sign of a wig. Everyone has natural waves in their hairline and it's best to mimic your own hairline when plucking your lace.

*Pro Tip: For an extra natural look, make sure that you pluck about 0.5" - 1" behind the hairline, too.

Tint the Lace
As a dark-skinned woman myself, I can attest to the importance of tinting the lace to match my scalp. Depending on the lace, this will prevent me from having to use makeup to blend the lace with my scalp. You can customize the lace by:
1. Purchasing a lace tint spray.
2. Mixing RIT dye or semipermanent color with boiling water and submerge the lace.
3. Use tea in boiling water and submerge the lace.


*Pro Tip: Sally Hansen AirBrush Legs in Deep Glow is body makeup that is also great lace tint. It does not rub off because it is water resistant! You can find it in your local supermarkets like Walmart.



Wig-Lovers have mixed feelings about using adhesive to secure wigs. Honestly, it is 100% your preference and has both advantages and disadvantages based on your lifestyle.
For a temporary hold, you can either use Got 2B Glue (which is really a strong acting gel), or hairspray. Please note that these options are water soluble and are not advised for people in humid climates or with active lifestyles in which they sweat often.
For medium hold you can use a lace tape but these may come up with excessive sweat or tension.
For longterm hold you can use a lace glue of your choice.
HOWEVER, do not apply the glue directly to your real hair because this WILL damage your edges. This is why many people complain that frontals ruin their edges. It is more likely due to low quality lace, improper application of adhesives, and wearing the wig for prolonged periods of time. Instead, apply the adhesive directly in front of your hairline. Also, you should completely clean and reapply the lace every week to protect your skin and your lace.


*Pro Tip: Use an edge brush with a flat end to help apply your Got 2B or Lace glue. This helps to evenly apply each layer without the oils from your skin interfering.

Baby HairsEven if the bold TLC baby hairs are not your thing, you should still trim some shorter hairs in the front because it will make the hairline look more realistic. Everyone has shorter hairs in the front and if your lace is meant to be a replacement, then that means that it should have shorter hairs, too. This does not mean that you need to add large swoops, it simply means that you are making it look more realistic.

 Bonus Tip

Customizing a wig can take time and certainly requires a lot of practice. Do not get discouraged if your first few wigs are not perfect. However, we know that you pay a lot of money for high quality raw and virgin hair. As such, you may not be inclined to experiment with these tips in fear that the wig may be damaged. Luckily, Allyce Virgin Hair Collection can make your job much easier by completing many of these steps for you. Our team of licensed cosmetologists will use your specifications to create a wig with customized sizes, caps, colors, and textures so that you'll look your best! You can customize your wig here!

For more detailed information, YouTube is a fantastic resource to see examples of how talented people perform each tip.